2015/12/17 Hardonize Radio Playlist


01 [Raffaele Genovese] Nuclear Theory

02 [Niels Van Gogh] Pulverturm (Chewy Martins Remix)

03 [Eric Sand] Fucking Christmars

04 [Tom Wax] Mechanical Slavery (Eric Sneo Remix)

05 [NorTheq] Delux

06 [Humberto Plaza] No Terror

07 [Ash Preston] Switch

08 [D’Mike] Funky Stuff

09 [Heat Town] Base of All Days (Goncalo M Remix)

10 [DJ Gumja] After Hours

11 [Omega Drive] Dance To Trance

12 [Humberto Plaza] Remain

13 [Garett White] Bolivia

14 [Homma Honganji] Night_Club

15 [Omega Drive] Technofighters (DJ Gumja Remix)

16 [Andy Bsk, Digital Knecht] Jump On (Andy BSK Remix)

17 [Chewy Martins] Output

18 [Ganez The Terrible] Trance Atlantic

19 [Analogik Voice] Kamelo

20 [Fujin – Ku] Downunder

21 [Yamajet] Sai-bak-ho (Cyber Disco Remix)


23 [SL2] On A Ragga Tip (Nutty T Techy Tip RMX)

2016/01/14 Hardonize Radio Playlist

新年明けての3連休初日にHardonize 23回目、お疲れ様でした。多数の方にお越し頂きレジデント一同、高めテンションで出来ましたことよ!!次は春ごろ、桜の散るころに必然的にお会いしましょう。

01. Stars / Arc of Doves
02. Over The Sky (Takahashi Seiji Remix) / Suzuka
03. LG513 / Nanosounds
04. Ruins (Original Mix) / Stenny
05. The Vertical / Joey Beltram
06. Sybarite / Ryo Watanabe
07. Bomb A Head ! Returns ! (Instrumental) / m.c.A・T
08. Extra -Luke Slater Remix- / Ken Ishii
09. Uchina Experience (SECRET CINEMA Remix) / RYUKYUDISKO
10. Data Strings (Chris Liebing Remix) / Stanny Franssen
11. Yama (Take 1) / Black Dog
12. SHOVE IT / Hitoshi Ohishi
13. Timelinez (Original Mix) / Atekk
14. Shapeless (Original Mix) / Goncalo M
15. Onikiribe (Original Mix) / Homma Honganji
16. Technofighters (DJ Gumja Remix) / Omega Drive
17. Once You Get Started (DJ ATT Crazy Mashup) / Vicente & Flavio Lodetti
18. Here We Go (Original Mix) / Hard Rock Sofa, Swanky Tunes
19. California Soul (Alt-A Bootleg) / Marlena Shaw
20. Bonustrack / Diverse System
21. SPASTIK REMIX 2 / J. Vitoria
22. Night_Club (Original Mix) / Homma Honganji
23. Insidious (Original Mix) / Cabe
24. Breakit (Original Mix) / Primus V
25. You Can’t Handle This / Audio X
26. Find You (DJ ATT Crazy Mashup) / Zedd
27. Rehypnotized / Unknown Artist
28. Changes Of Life (KidChameleon Remix) / Jeff Mills
29. Chicks With A Red Face / P SERIES
30. RISING (GONCALO M rmx) / Joris Voorn
31. Inner Universe (Andy BSK Club Mix) / Origa feat. Yoko Kanno
32. 白虎野の娘 (RIP Santoshi Kon) / 平沢進 vs 電気GROOVE

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