2015/11/26 Hardonize Radio Playlist


01 [Blastto] Cyber Hoodoo

02 [Cynispin] Come On

Not Found

03 [Damage Inc.] Make Some Noise

Not Found

04 [Swindle] Airmiles (Terror Danjah Carbon Footprint Remix)

05 [Kend X Anko] Gasdertop

06 [Tik&Borrow] Thump (Swedger Remix)

07 [Yellow Claw & Mightyfools] No Class (Moksi Remix)

08 [Ludacris Ft. Mystikal] Move Bitch (Paul Dluxx Remix)

09 [AudioGutter] Twisted

10 [Sam Punk] Symphonie Of Distortion

11 [Medusa] Acid Ho!

12 [John Rowe] Beyond the Threshold

13 [Jonathan Leyton] Bako Tech

14 [Richard Travers] The Real Rocksteady

15 [Guchon] Palpunte 01 A

16 [Orbital] Chime (Amps Juke-Out Remix)

17 [KAGAMI] Tiger Track (cat’syama edit)

Not Found

18 [Coleco] Raveworx

19 [Beach Club & Relic] Playing With Knives (Footwork Jungle)

20 [Twintails] Unnatural

21 [DJ Clap] Luv

22 [matra magic] Gud 2 See U

23 [Deneero feat. Dreamteam] Daydream (Remaster 2000)

24 [Nyolfen feat. さくらゆら] City Lights Reflection (Mikeneko Homeless remix)

25 [HyperJuice] Crashed in Icy

Not Found

26 [A-Re:] reverlry

27 [DJ Noriken] Stablistic Trooper (Is Dead)

28 [Elivate, Kristof, Brown E] Rushin N Gushin (Don’t Wanna Stop)

29 [Mystical Complex] Who AM I (Sokrates Remix)

30 [Sesto Sento] Rave & Roll

31 [Audio Hedz, Audox] Acetate

32 [7AR] Newfags Can’t Triforce (yeahhbuzz’ KATHAL KATHAL KATHAL KATHAL KATHAL Remix)

33 [Limited Toss] For Rave Master

34 [ヘデナー & Raveman] Beer At The Park (Intermission)